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Our Network benefits

Joining our community means your organization benefits in different ways through which you can scale up your initiatives.

Collaborate & Create Partnerships
Connect with other network members and partner with organization working with similar initiatives

Platform for Advocacy
Amplify your voice and get heard!

Access Information
get access to information and increase your impact. Through our Global Youth review initiatives, members get exclusive information to assist in their youth empowerment efforts.

Get Grants
Get your initiatives or projects funded. You need to be a member to access any funding opportunities.

Capacity Building
We provide training to increase your project impact.

Event Participation
Have access to all our events and workshops.

Youth for International Development, through its Global Youth Data initiative, will be partnering with network members to collaborate and collect youth data in different regions around the globe. All partners will receive capacity building training in both data collection and its use in project design & planning.

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Global Youth Networks - Member organizations

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2016 Target

2018 Target

Who can become our member?

Global Youth Networks (G.Y.N) draws its members from any organization working for the youth or have any project to empower the youth. The ONLY EXCEPTION is political organizations since Youth for International Development only focuses on social-economic empowerment.

They include:

  1. Youth organizations.
  2. Youth Networks.
  3. Advocacy groups.
  4. Women organizations empowering girls.
  5. Youth Groups and self-help groups.
  6. Social Enterprise working to empower the youth.
  7. Donor organizations.
  8. Any organization planning or implementing a youth project.

PLEASE NOTE: Global Youth Networks allows members to retain their autonomy (which means - we are not involved at any level with the management of a member organization, its implementation on any project mentioned or posted in the platform without formal partnership agreement), we DO NOT require members to contribute any amount of money in form of either membership or subscriptions.

DISCLAIMER: We, Youth for International Development, own www.yfid-global.org & its sub-domain and we are not in anyway affiliated to the domain: www.yfidnetworks.org or any of its sub-domains, kindly be informed that the domain or any post on that website or any other website that has similar links (including logos or contacts) and has any information regarding Global Youth Networks initiative including funding is not in any way affiliated to Youth for International Development, any organization that we partner with to disseminate information, including funding, is added to our partners list which is made public to our website.

Contact Us

For any queries about joining the network, managing your social account on our platform, contact us below.